Student Listening Session - with new faculty at Parkside | Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

November 20, 2020
10 am - Noon

Students from historically marginalized groups often experience a litany of obstacles impeding their education that go unseen and unaddressed by faculty and staff. In order to begin the process of making these obstacles seen by those in power, universities must provide opportunities for students to openly discuss their experiences. Faculty and staff must be willing not only to listen, but also to work with students to begin the long and difficult process of shifting entrenched patterns of systemic injustice on campus.

As a small step toward this goal, we are organizing an equity and inclusion listening and dialogue session between students and new faculty on campus. The event will be centered around the experiences and concerns of Parkside students.

The student listening session will cover: 

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion challenges within the classroom space
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion challenges on campus broadly

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Trina Patterson
Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
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