Trauma Informed Care and Equity: A Transformative Synergy

October 14, 2021 - October 21, 2021
9 am - 11 am

Trauma Informed Care and Equity: A Transformative Synergy
Oct 14 and 21 | 9-11 am CST | 0.4 CEU's/4 CEH's | Online

Trauma and Equity are two of the most important and needed topics in 2021. Each has remarkable potential to be a central part of the individual and collective solutions we are longing for. Imagine what transformation can come when the two topics are interwoven!

You will explore the creative mixing of core concepts from both TIC and Equity movements. Some examples include:

  • PTSD (experiences that occurred in the past) vs Continuous Trauma (experiences that never end)
  • State/Unconscious process and Implicit Bias
  • How do we heal?:
  • Individual (help people be resilient) vs Systemic Solutions (stop the oppression)
  • Clinical (therapy) and Task Shifting Solutions (everyone can be “therapeutic”)

This workshop is designed primarily for human services, education, and healthcare professionals with some previous exposure to TIC. The interactive format will allow participants will to gain knowledge and practical skills to approach their work with an integrated TIC and Equity lens.

Dana Roders
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