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Free HHS Webinar Series 

Avoid Burnout! Managing Stress for Caregivers
Jun 26| 9am-10am | 0.1 CEU/ 1.0 CEH available for $10
It’s important to remember that caregivers need care too! Caregiving can lead to burnout if you do not take care of yourself and it is important to find balance. Angela Martin, Director of Clinical Services from Kenosha Human Development, will provide tips and strategies you can use to manage stress. Information about a new grant available to caregivers to receive free therapeutic services will also be shared. 

Angela Martin, Director of Clinical Services, Kenosha Human Development Services 
Angela M. Martin, LCSW has provided mental health recovery services in Southeast Wisconsin for over 30 years.  She has worked with children and families, youth in residential settings, adult corrections clients, and in hospital social work.  She loves training, public speaking, and working with diverse people to meet common goals. Angela appreciates music, walks, and spends time in the woods to refresh and recharge, so she can stay centered and positive during stressful times.   

Navigating Stress for Caregivers
July 9 | 1pm-2pm | 0.1 CEU/ 1.0 CEH available for $10
Coronavirus has not only separated us from people and activities we enjoy, but also complicated routine activities like shopping and medical care. Christine Damon from Lessons in Care will provide you with information about free electronic resources that offer you both serious and fun educational opportunities ranging from financial advice, emotional support, medical care, virtual travel adventures, memory cafes, and more!

Christine Damon, MSEd, MFCS; Lessons in Care 
Chris is a gerontologist and adult educator who has trained nationally on dementia care. As the owner of Lessons in Care L3C, her efforts focus on community education related to dementia and other issues of significance to aging populations. For the past two years, Christine has provided Dementia Friendly training to local libraries, first responders, dental offices, local businesses, community service agencies, faith communities, senior centers, health insurance companies, and the financial services industry. Christine is also the lead consultant for the Northeastern Illinois Area Agency on Aging’s Dementia Friendly Initiative in which she collaborates with Mary Beth Riedner regarding the Tales and Travel component of that grant. 

Social Isolation and Depression
July 23 | 1pm-2pm | 0.1 CEU/ 1.0 CEH available for $10
Social isolation can easily lead to depression and can become dangerous. Humans are naturally social and being around and engaged with other people is good for our emotional and psychological health. If you are caring for someone who is isolated, they may be at risk, or already suffering from depression. Eunice Boatin and Kristen Palmer, therapists with Kenosha Human Development Services, will help us learn about the warning signs of depression and what you can do to help. If you are at risk, or you are caring for someone who is at risk, please join this us for this important presentation.

Eunice Boatin, Therapist, Kenosha Human Development Services
Eunice Boatin is an Advanced Practice Social Worker with an extensive background in working with diverse populations. Eunice worked with vulnerable children and families in London, England for 9 years prior to moving to America. She has worked with adults in mental health, criminal justice, and was an adult crisis counselor. She is compassionate, likes to learn, and believes in second chances. Eunice appreciates spending time with her family, music, cooking, and enjoys quiet times for reflection.

Kristen Palmer, Therapist, Kenosha Human Development Services
Kristen Palmer, APSW, has been providing mental health services within the Kenosha community for nearly 7 years. Her experience ranges from teaching activities of daily living, case managing clients with severe and persistent mental illness, and most recently managing Kenosha Adult Crisis. The field of mental health recovery services has been her passion long before her career. She enjoys educating others on mental illness, working collectively with other community partners, and working with those most stigmatized in our community. In her free time she enjoys decompressing by reading a good book or being active with her 4 dogs.

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly and COVID 19 Scams
August 6 | 1pm-2pm | 0.1 CEU/ 1.0 CEH available for $10
The COVID-19 pandemic has generated a lot of fear and anxiety in the general public. Fraudsters follow the headlines and prey upon those who are most vulnerable by making promises and false statements to convince people to relinquish their hard-earned money. Raise your awareness of false health claims, COVID testing scams, stimulus check scams, debit card scams, business email compromises, and more.  Once identified, learn options to protect yourself and others from becoming victims and how to report scams that you can share with your community and those you serve.

April DeValkenaere, Paralegal, CFCI; Fortress Financial Education, LLC.  
April graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2002 and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Criminal Justice Emphasis in 2003. April has a vast array of experiences including retail, computer technology, law enforcement, and banking. 

April began her career with Waukesha County working in the civil division of the circuit courts in 2008. After four years in the civil division handling large claims judgments, liens, and injunctions she began working for Judge Donald J. Hassin Jr. (now retired) in the criminal traffic division of the circuit courts in August, 2012 as his legal clerk. In November of 2014, April began in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office as a paralegal specializing in white collar crime and recently became a Certified Financial Crimes Investigator (CFCI). 

Bader Philanthropies Event: The Art of Awkward Caregiving Conversations 

Oct 1 | 1pm-3pm | Online  | Free
2.0 CEH's Available for No Additional Cost 

Join us as Fern Pessin, Author of I’ll Be Right There: A Guidebook for Adults Caring for Their Aging Parents, shares her insights on safe, non-threatening ways to bring up sensitive topics such as driving, moving, safety, along with financial and legal matters with your family. You will learn how to reduce stress and avoid getting overwhelmed by emergencies or your loved one's physical and cognitive decline. Caregiving Professionals will be able to apply these techniques to support their interactions with family caregivers of their clients/patients. Fern offers her perspective as that of a daughter who has been called into service by her family, a certified Home Health Aide and a caregiver mentor.  

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Ethics & Boundaries Offerings 


Ethics & Boundaries in a World of Technology
Nov 6 & 13  |  9am-11am  |  Online  |  4.0 CEHs Included for $79
Maneuvering ethics, boundaries, and confidentiality in a quickly evolving technological world is overwhelming to say the least. In this interactive program, you will gain an enhanced awareness of the complicated nature of technology and social media as it relates to services rendered within human service organizations, share challenging ethical issues you’ve encountered in your practice, discover new age risks that may affect professional liability, and explore the concerns related to online investigation resources. 4.0 CEHs available.

Advanced Ethics & Boundaries
Feb 26  |  8am-12pm  |  In-person  |  4.0 CEHs, Food, and Beverage Included for $89
Participants will gain a better awareness of the complicated nature of professional ethics and boundaries and will learn techniques for ethical decision-making. This program is designed to be interactive as participants share challenging ethical issues encountered while providing services both inside and outside the office setting. Participants will also learn about the importance of assessing various aspects of their programs and related policies and procedures to protect clients and staff and reduce professional risk. Ethical decision-making processes will be addressed in a variety of contexts using case examples and best practice models to identify and address complicated scenarios within human service organizations.   

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LGBTQ Inclusive Care: Exploring Social Determinants of Health and Wellbeing

Sept 25 | 8:30am-12pm | Online
4.0 CEHs Included in Registration 

Learn to assess beliefs and behaviors around sexuality and gender to provide truly inclusive services to LGBTQ communities. Discuss important topics including acceptance and inclusion, health disparities, Minority Stress Theory, and trauma informed strategies to use at your organization.

Katie Hamm, MSW, is a consultant with Diverse & Resilient, a public health non-profit serving the LGBTQ Community and an Adjunct Faculty member of UW-Milwaukee’s Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. Her teaching includes Cultural Diversity, Human Development across the Lifespan, Direct Practice, and Human Sexuality. Katie has presented locally and nationally on issues of diversity, human sexuality and community readiness.  


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