Smart Community Imperative: A Chat with Dr. Jonathan Reichental

JR Smart COmmunities
October 28, 2021
5:30 pm


Emerging from COVID we need to build back SMARTER. Dr. Jonathan Reichental, author of Smart Cities for Dummies, can set us back on the track to use smart tech for economic development, political efficiency and accountability, and inclusivity for our communities. As a whole, smart technology has enhanced livability, promoted sustainability, and increased public safety. “If you have an interest in a better future—one with good jobs, clean air and water, a managed environment and climate, great health care, beautiful parks, and equality for everyone—then you must care about smarter and more sustainable cities.” 

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside Center for Research in Innovation and Smart Cities is hosting an interactive conversation with Dr. Jonathan Reichental. This free event sponsored by the Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership, will take place both in person and through livestream.


Center for Research in Innovation and Smart Cities
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