MUSIC: High Mountain and Flowing River: Chinese Traditional Music

Chinese Traditional Music
March 04, 2022
The Rita, Bedford Concert Hall (Livestream Available)

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Guzheng Solo, “High Mountain and Running River” by Menghua Guan

Guzheng and Euhu ensemble, “A Song of Farewell” by Menghua Guan and Kerry Leung

Pipa Solo, “Flower and Moon Over the Spring River” by Kerry Leung

Hulushi Solo, “Phoenix Bamboo In The Moonlight” by Alan Geng

Bawu Solo, “Love in the Bamboo House” by Alan Geng

Yangqin Solo, “Festival of Tianshan Mountain” by Tian Qiu

Dizi Solo, “Three Variations on Plum Blossom” by Kerry Leung

Ensemble, “Purple Bamboo Melody” by Menghua Guan, Kerry Leung, Alan Geng and Tian Qiu

Ensemble, “Going Home” by Menghua Guan, Kerry Leung, Alan Geng and Tian Qiu


Producer: Lesley Walker

Director and Master of Ceremony: Xun (George) Wang

Sponsored by College of Arts and Humanities and the Institute for China Studies

Noon concerts are not ticketed. Seating is limited, and first-come, first-serve. All performances are masked events.

The Rita Box Office
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