GALLERIES: Artist Workshop with Dan Simoneau

April 20, 2022
1 pm
The Rita, Painting Studio

Dan Simoneau was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine, where he began formal art classes at 11 and at 13 joined the Androscoggin Valley Art Association as its youngest member ever. By the time Dan was a sophomore in high school, he was exhibiting, winning awards, and selling his paintings in local summer art festivals. In 1980, Dan began studies at the University of Southern Maine. There, he was influenced by artists such as Caravaggio, Chuck Close, Richard Estes, and Philip Pearlstein. Of these artists, the influence of Caravaggio, Close and Pearlstein are still evident. Dan graduated in 1984 with high honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. His majors were painting, pottery, and printmaking; his minor, art history. 

Presented as part of Together Again: Racine Kenosha

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