Tech Is Cool but How Do We Use It: The Frustrations with Smart City Technology Implementation

January 27, 2023
Noon - 1:30 pm

Why do we agree with the benefits and value of new technology, yet continue to resist its implementation? In this workshop, we will learn practical approaches and techniques that target individual and organizational behavior, not the technology itself.

Dr. Peggy James, Dean and Professor at the University of Wisconsin Parkside,  has published on smart cities and civic technology.  She currently teaches courses on strategic and tactical decision making.  She has coauthored work with William Martin on the initial steps of Racine Wisconsin towards becoming a smart city.

1. Identify the social aspect of technology
2. Develop work skills that are best suited to a technology environment
      a. optimization skills
      b.  functional organization
      c.  integrated and varied KPI’s

Introduction:  Innovation and its Enemies
   Why do organizations resist new technology?
        1. fear of the unknown
        2. risk of failure
        3. threat to legacy practices and/or structures
   Work arounds rather than solutions
   Reduce fear of the unknown by continuous feedback mechanisms
        1. optimization over decision making
        2. develop an optimization process template
   Redefine success and failure
        1. strategies that contain different evidence of return on investment
        2.develop flowchart strategies based on contingencies
   Integrate technology over, under, between legacy practices and structures
        1. functional matrix overlay

Continuing Education
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