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AUG 13, 2020 – On July 16th, UW-Parkside and the UW-Parkside Foundation were notified of a data security incident by Blackbaud, the engagement and fundraising software provider that we use.
Parkside Presente: Episode 14
AUG 12, 2020 – Esta semana entreviste a Consejera académica de Parkside Diana Villegas, quien comparte con nosotros algunas de sus experiencias al trabajar de cerca con estudiantes durante esta pandemia y en preparación para el comienzo de clases en el otoño.
UW-Parkside helps students secure WiFi and computers for virtual classes this fall
AUG 10, 2020 – With more classes transitioning to online this fall because of the pandemic, the university is allowing students to check out computers and hot spots.
UW System statements on complying with new federal Title IX regulations
AUG 6, 2020 – The University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents approved a series of emergency rules and a Regent policy to comply with new federal Title IX regulations and ensure continued federal funding of nearly $1 billion.
A Statement from Chancellor Ford | UWSA Announcement
AUG 6, 2020 – A Statement from Chancellor Ford in response to the UWSA Announcement.
Parkside Presente: Episode 13
AUG 5, 2020 – Entrevistamos a Gabriela Anaya, miembro de nuestra comunidad y maestra en el distrito educativo de Racine WI quien comparte con nosotros su experiencia como educadora y madre durante tiempos de pandemia.
Nonprofit Fund Development Certificate Launches Online
AUG 4, 2020 – The University of Wisconsin-Parkside’s Professional and Continuing Education department is hosting a six-session Nonprofit Fund Development Certificate beginning Thursday, October 1st, 2020.
College of Arts and Humanities Dean appointed RAC Board President
AUG 3, 2020 – The Racine Arts Council has appointed Lesley Heins Walker, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at UW-Parkside, as board president.
UW System introduces online behavioral health tool
AUG 3, 2020 – The University of Wisconsin System today introduced a new online behavioral health tool, SilverCloud, that offers self-guided programs for anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, and resilience.
Virtual Orientation Prepares Students for New Normal
JUL 31, 2020 – UW-Parkside Virtual Orientation Prepares Students for New Normal
UW-Parkside Encourages Faculty and Staff to Pursue Online Instruction Certification
JUL 31, 2020 – The university’s goal is that all instructors teaching online in the fall semester will have participated in at least one of three developmental experiences available.
Parkside Presente: Episode 12
JUL 29, 2020 – El episodio de esta semana se enfoca en los avances recientes sobre el reinicio de clases y la respuesta de las uniones de maestros en nuestros condados.
Foxconn Industrial AI Data Challenge
JUL 28, 2020 – Registration is open for the Industrial AI Data Challenge, an open data competition hosted by Foxconn iAI Institute.
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