Parkside Students Attend CSCA Conference

Published: May 7, 2015
By: Alyssa Mowrer '16
Congrats to Madison Dillard, Kristin Kotleski, and Professor Theresa Castor on their presentations at the Central States Communication Association Conference!

The CSCA Conference is held by the Regional Academic Professional Association every year. The conference includes presentations from students and professors in WI, IL, OH, ND, SD, MI, and MN. This year, the conference was held in Madison, WI and Parkside was fortunate enough to be represented by Professor Theresa Castor and two Real.Amazing students!

Madison and Kristin both submitted research papers to be evaluated for the conference, and they were both accepted! Kristin, a double major in Communication and Psychology, wrote about an analysis of music lyrics. Madison, a Communication major, wrote about how texting affects family dynamics. Comm Professor Theresa Castor also submitted a paper about water issues in the Great Lakes area and the approval of the Great Lakes Compact.

At the conference, the girls were able to attend a Graduate School Fair as well as panels and sessions about the other accepted works. I was able to interview Madison about how she heard of the conference and her experience there:

"Professor Castor sent me an e-mail suggesting that I submit my work. Knowing that one of my professors thought that highly of my work is what gave me the motivation to submit. I had conducted research on texting and how it affects the family unit; it was titled "Texting: Helpful or Hurtful?" Essentially, my research was whether texting creates connectivity or bridges a divide. I presented my research through a table discussion.  There were four people presenting their work while others gathered around to listen and for discussion. It was very interesting hearing about research as opposed to reading it. I also got to talk about my paper with people who were genuinely interested in my work; they offered valuable research advice as well. This is an experience I am so grateful to have had!"

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