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Communication Major

Perhaps no single profession is challenged in the same way as the field of communication. New technologies change at lightning speed, and news reaches around the world in an instant - definitely not for the faint of heart, yet a truly exciting time to explore a career in communication.

Today's pressing question: "How do you prepare for jobs that don't exist today?" Who would have thought a few years ago that a position such as social media strategist or satellite radio producer would be available? Yet, those are real careers today and you will be well prepared with the skills necessary for these exciting jobs - and those that have yet to arise.

Learn more about the Communication Department at Parkside.

Real Opportunities
Are you interested in hosting your own radio program? Consider WIPZ, the campus station streaming live on the internet. Would you like to put your journalism skills to good use? Consider working for Ranger News, the student newspaper. 

Do you like to organize events and bring in guest speakers? Join the Parkside Association of Communicators. PAC provides opportunities for students, faculty/staff, alumni, and working professionals to interact and discuss the communication field.
Amazing Results
Ernie Evangelista, alumnus, has a lot to be proud about. As a first generation college student,Evangelista said the small classroom environment made Parkside the perfect fit for him and the academics prepared him to work in a corporate environment. "I really found my passion," he said. "That's what led me to where I am today." He now serves as part of the communications team for one of the largest department store chains in the nation. Evangelista's professional responsibilities include managing internet sites for employees and developing communication technologies.
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