College of Arts and Humanities Visit Day

Published: November 11, 2014
By: Spencer Gray
High school seniors and their parents came shopping. That is what it is, shopping for the right college for their future. Their day started with a meet and greet with the faculty and a few current students. Then they were given a warm welcome from Chancellor Debbie Ford in the beautiful Bedford Hall in the Rita, and then off they went to explore each division of the humanities. All the students and their families broke up into their individual interests, talked to the faculty, and took tours of the spaces.

Each prospective student is important to our university, and it is always a goal to make these high school students feel that way. From now until March, there are visit days scheduled for each of the individual colleges. One of the most exciting days for prospective arts and humanities students is the Rita Tallent Picken Scholarship day. It’s a day in spring where students audition and interview for a group of scholarships for the arts.

Current students are asked to be on the lookout for tours and perspective students, answer questions, help out, and remind others of the Real Amazing experiences here at Parkside.

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