Arts and Humanities Scholarships

You are unique. Turn your one of a kind talent into scholarship money! Thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded to Arts and Humanities students. Scholarships based on creative work are open to all newly admitted students pursuing art and humanities majors who will begin their studies at Parkside during the 2024-2025 academic year.

Arts and Humanities Scholarship applications are now open.

Deadline: Mar 17

Music and Theatre Arts majors will be considered for scholarships based on your program entry audition.

How it works.

Students who are competing for Arts and Humanities Scholarships must share a sampling of their creative talents or expressions during an informal process with faculty and staff. Depending on your desired major, this may include showing samples of your work, auditioning, or interviewing. Details for your specific major can be found below.

Arts and Humanities Scholarships are open to admitted students. If you haven't been accepted to Parkside yet, start there. The best way to know Parkside is to visit, so we encourage you to spend time on campus if you haven't already.

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Creative Talent and Expression Requirements

Art and Graphic Design scholarship candidates must select and be prepared to present 4 of their best pieces. You have the option to include 2 additional details/closeups. There are no media or medium restrictions. Students should submit their best work. Submissions should be jpgs, equal to or less than 1500 pixels on the longest dimension, labeled lastname_firstname_1.jpg or lastname_firstname_1detail.jpg. Please include an image inventory sheet with medium, scale, date of completion.


Students will submit a sample communication product such as an essay, video, portfolio, website, article, etc.


English scholarship applicants should submit a portfolio of two examples of their writing. The writing samples might include a literary analysis, an argumentative paper, or a persuasive paper, which can be from a subject other than English. Items can also include creative work, such as poetry, short stories, creative nonfiction, and/or personal essays. There is no length requirement for the pieces submitted; our interest is in the quality of the applicant's writing.


Liberal Studies scholarship applicants should submit a sample of their work, which best exemplifies their ability to use knowledge and/or express themselves creatively in more than one discipline. Examples of student work might include, but are not limited to, one of the following: research paper, short film, multi-media presentation, project portfolio.


To be considered for a Music Department scholarship, schedule your audition following instructions on the following page:

Audition Information

As a Music major, your audition is all it takes to be considered for Arts and Humanities Scholarships.

Spanish scholarship applicants should submit one writing sample (maximum one page).

Writing Sample Topics:

  • Option 1: What place in the Spanish-speaking world would you most like to visit and why? ¿Adónde en el mundo hispanohablante más le gustaría visitar y por qué? 
  • Option 2: Imagine your ideal career and explain how you would use your linguistic and cultural skills in Spanish in this career. Imagínese cuál sería su carerra ideal y explique cómo utilizaría sus capacidades lingísticas y culturales en esa carerra. 
  • Option 3: By using Dr. Who's time machine, you can visit any place and any time in the history of the Spanish-speaking world. Where, when and why? A través de la máquina del tiempo del Dr. Who, usted tiene la capacidad de visitar a cualquier lugar en el mundo hispanohablante en cualquier momento histórico. ¿Adónde, cuándo y por qué? 
  • Option 4: Submit an original poem or short story in Spanish.


To be considered for a Theatre Arts scholarship, schedule your audition/interview following instructions on the following page:

Audition/Interview Information

As a Theatre Arts major, your audition is all it takes to be considered for Arts and Humanities Scholarships.

Ready to turn your talent into scholarship money?



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