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Published: February 3, 2017

Recently, Associate Professor of Communication and Communication Department Chair Dr. Theresa Castor has had three articles and a book chapter published.

The paper, "Metacommunication during disaster response: 'Reporting' and the constitution of problems in Hurricane Katrina teleconferences" was co-authored with University of South Florida communication professor Mariaelena Bartesaghi and published in the November issue of Management Communication Quarterly. This project examines the use of 'metacommunication' during emergency manager meetings and described how certain forms of metacommunication constrained the emergency response discussion. An earlier version of this paper received the 2014 Top Organizational Communication Paper award at the International Communication Association conference.

As an outcome from the C-SPAN Education Foundation/Purdue C-SPAN Video Archive Individual Grant that Dr. Castor received in 2015, her project supported by this grant was published last November in the edited collection, "Advances in Research Using the C-SPAN Archives," published by Purdue University. Her chapter, "Discursively constructing the Great Lakes freshwater," analyzes the congressional debate surrounding the approval of the Great Lakes Compact as an example of prospective sense-making to avert a potential crisis.

Her paper, "The materiality of discourse: Relational positioning in a fresh water controversy," was published last November in a special issue of Communication Research and Practice on "Discursivity, relationality and materiality in the life of the organization: Communication perspectives." Communication Research and Practice is the flagship journal of the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association. Her paper examines public hearing arguments related to a Great Lakes water diversion proposal.

As an outcome from her participation in the National Communication Association Learning Outcomes project (a Lumina Foundation grant-funded project), Theresa along with her team members (Tim Brown, Kerrie Byrnes-Loinette, Jonathan Bowman, and Chad McBride), were invited to submit a paper on their project to Communication Education, a journal of the National Communication Association. Their manuscript, "The LOCs and the shift to student-centered learning," was published in the August issue. In their paper, they described how stated learning outcomes and goals can be used to support active learning.

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