Transfer Articulation Process


Department identifies the transfer
institution program type:

AA/AS AAS Department reviews courses from   program for direct course equivalencies Department sends equivalencies to Transfer Evaluation Coordinator Transfer Evaluation Coordinator loads into  TES, and Peoplesoft Department contacts Transfer Admissions Counselor to create a transfer guide Follow transfer articulation agreement process Note: Equivalencies remain active unless notified by Department

Transfer Articulation
Agreement Process

     Agreement template and planning sheet provided by Provost Office to Academic Department Department meets with other institution to review curriculum and identify potential courses for transfer Planning sheet and draft agreement created by department and provided to Provost for review by Registrar and Director of Admissions Feedback provided to department Second draft provided to transfer partner for final review Final copy provided to APC Chair, Registrar, and Provost Office Approved by APC and forwarded to UC as an informational item for Faculty Senate agenda Provost Office notified of approval by APC. .              Provost Office routes      for campus signatures Provost Office sends two copies with Parkside signatures to other institution for signature Signed copy is scanned and saved on shared site Signed copy is added to Transfer Admissions website. Admissions Office and Transfer Evaluation Coordinator notified Agreement is logged on transfer spreadsheet on Enrollment Services shared       site with expiration date Transfer Evaluation Coordinator notifies UW System of signed agreement
































































Agreement Process

Articulation Review Process

ANNUALLYDepartment reviews annually for minor changes (course # or title changes) Provide amended document to the Provost Office Provost Office notifies Transfer Evaluation Coordinator and Registrar Amended copy saved on SharePoint site and posted on website EVERY THREE YEARSOr prior is substantive program changes* Transfer agreement process Substantive program change = 20% or more of the program has changed since the agreement was originally signed. *


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