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Fiscal Year End Processing

Business Services has established cut-off dates for FY 2020 transactions. These dates are also published in WISDM by navigating to the announcement page.

Note:  accurate and complete documentation is required by the due date. Requests with incomplete documentation will be processed in FY 2021.

Transaction requests received after the above dates are not guaranteed to process for FY 2020. Please contact Jane Nikolai at x2608 or Jennifer Agerholm at x2781 if you have any questions.

April 3 - Last day for external requisitions for capital equipment, goods, or services over $50,000 not on an existing contract.  (Requires Official Sealed Bid Process)

April 27 - Last day for external Requisitions over $5,000 for capital equipment, goods, or services not on contract (Requires Simplified Bid Process).

May 22 - Last day for encumbering funds for purchases (Purchase Orders) in FY20. This cut-off date is mandated by the State Department of Administration. 

June 5 - Last day for FY20 budget transfers that need UWSA approval.

June 10 - Last day for Invoices against existing Purchase Orders including 2020 Blanket Orders. Requisitions must be accurate with complete documentation. 

June 15 - Last day to submit an Employee E-Reimbursement (Travel) Report to allow adequate time for the TER audit process which may require resubmission and reapproval.

June 15 - Last day for Payment to Individual Requests (PIR's), Refund of Receipt (ROR), External Requisitions (with invoice attached), and 'Cash with Order' Requisitions under $5,000. All paperwork must be accurate with complete documentation. 

June 22 - E-Reimbursements approved by UW System Audit by 6:30pm will be charged to FY20. 

June 26 - Last day for all Direct Retro (Salary Cash Transfer) requests. 

June 26 - Last day for Journal Entry requests. 

June 26 - Last day for Departmental Cash Receipts accepted by the Cashier's Office. 

June 26 - Last Procurement Card billing statement charged to FY20.

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