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Fiscal Year End Processing

Business Services has established cut-off dates for FY 2021 transactions. These dates are also published in WISER.

Note:  Accurate and complete documentation is required by the due date. Requests with incomplete documentation will be processed in FY 2022.

May 31 – External Purchase Order Deadline - Final day for processing current year external Purchase Orders in FY21. Requests must be fully approved at all levels in ShopUW+, complete documentation must be attached.

June 3 - Last day for FY21 budget transfers that need UWSA approval. 

June 11 - Last day for submitting invoices against existing Purchase Orders created prior to ShopUW+, including 2021 Blanket Orders.

June 11 - Catalog (E-Commerce) Deadline – Last day for all E-Commerce purchases made through ShopUW+. Purchases must be placed by end of business day June 11, 2021 to ensure the best chance that the charges are applied to FY21 funding. Orders placed after June 11 may or may not be billed to FY21 depending on product receipt and invoice date.

June 15 - E-Reimbursements approved by UW System Audit by 6:30pm will be charged to FY21. 

June 18 - Last day for submitting all payment methods including External Requisitions and Pre-Payment (old Cash with Order) Requisitions under $5,000. Requests must be fully approved at all levels in ShopUW+ and complete documentation must be attached.

June 25 - Last day for all Direct Retro (Salary Cash Transfer) requests. 

June 25 - Last day for Journal Entry requests. 

June 25 - Last Procurement Card billing statement charged to FY21. 

June 28 - Last day for Departmental Cash Receipts accepted by the Cashier's Office. 

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