Staying Safe Off-Campus

Connecting from Shared Computers

When you use a shared computer you rely on other users following best practices with regard to security. Whether you are working on a family computer or a hotel business center kiosk you need to recognize the risks. Computers issued by UW-Parkside Campus Technology Services department are given a standard "image". This ensures that security and other software is set up properly. Additionally while on campus the computer should receive necessary updates and undergo security scans automatically. That is not always the case with shared non-UWP computers. If you must use a shared computer to perform work, use a sanctioned "secure tunnel" solution such as VPN (UW-Parkside VPN Information). If you are using your family computer, make sure you are running the most current anti-malware/anti-virus software with the latest updates applied. Please contact the TechBar if you need to borrow a laptop.

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