Options for Moving your Alumni Email

Mass Email Forwarding (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail)

  1. Open a new message as if you are going to send a new email. 
  2. Drag and drop the messages you want to forward to another email address onto that email. This will add them as attachments.
    [Note: You can click the checkboxes next to each individual email and then drag and drop that group of checked emails.]
  3. Click Send.


Third Party Client Connection (Outlook, Thunderbird)

Connect to your Ranger's account using a third party email client. Outlook and Thunderbird for example. This process will download your emails into a local file by default. If you would like to backup those emails further you can create a .pst file in Outlook to do that. Thunderbird has its own separate process. 

 Outlook process to connect to Office 365

Another option to Find the mailbox server name

Instructions for moving RangerMail to:


More information on Outlook: 

[2013]  [2007, 2010]  [2013]

Thunderbird Archive: 


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