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Campus events canceled through June 30.

The mission of Finance and Administration is to provide quality services to the university community in the context of the mission themes of the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. The themes of excellence, learning community, regional service, and diversity guide our efforts in Business Services, Internal Audit, Facilities Management, Human Resources, Safety/Risk Management, University Police and Public Safety, and Campus Planning. While these services are consistently provided in an environment of changing rules and technology, the results of the services: contribution to the mission themes, are constant and unchanging with the times.

Scott Menke

Scott Menke
Vice Chancellor, Finance and Administration

(262) 595-2076

Amanda Welbon

Amanda Welbon
Executive Assistant/Financial Specialist Senior

(262) 595-2939

Kathryn Mustell-Watkins

Kathryn Mustell-Watkins
Budget Planner

(262) 595-2579

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