Activity Insight Management (A.I.M.) is the online reporting system used by the University of Wisconsin-Parkside to document the teaching, research, and service activities performed by its faculty members and instructors. It is the University's chief means of recognizing the significant work that its faculty and instructional academic staff members perform each year. UW-Parkside was an early adopter of A.I.M., and the system has been redesigned and updated over the years with input from UW-Parkside faculty, staff, and administrators to best accommodate the many unique and valuable ways that faculty and instructional academic staff work to benefit their disciplines, professions, students, and the University community.

A.I.M. is divided into four broad categories: General Information, Teaching, Research, and Service. Each of the component screens enable users to input their unique types of publications, performances, teaching duties, service commitments, and so on. It is important to note, however, that not every screen or field is relevant to every faculty member, as some are for particular kinds of work that is performed in specific disciplines.

Faculty members use A.I.M. to produce various kinds of reports, including their annual Faculty Activity Reports, which are used by Departmental Executive Committees to make decisions concerning contract renewals, merit recommendations, as well as tenure and promotion decisions. Departments and Programs also use the information to prepare periodic program reviews, and the University relies upon the data during periodic accreditation reviews and various reporting requirements.

You will find that some of the screens have been populated automatically by our PeopleSoft system, including your Scheduled Teaching, and your basic Personal Information. You may still modify or expand upon some of this data as necessary.

Finally, note that you can decide to display much of the information entered into A.I.M. on your Online Faculty Profile, such as publications, awards, and service commitments. This is controlled by you, so that you can customize your online profile to suit your needs. More information about how your A.I.M. data populate your profile on the UW-Parkside website can be found here.


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