Research Administration, Grants & Contracts

The Research Administration and Grants Office supports faculty and staff members in their pursuit of funding opportunities and management of grant awards. We provide the following pre and post award services:

Grant Services provided:

  • Locate funding opportunities,
  • Provide grant proposal editing, budget creation,
  • Work with PI on new proposal submissions including editing and budgeting,
  • Serve as liaison between the funding agency and the applicant,
  • Submit documents via or other web-based portals.
  • Provide new project director/principal investigator (PI) orientation,
  • Serve as liaison with budget office and with funding agency,
  • Work with PI to prepare continuation funding documents and close-out reports,
  • Work with Business Services and the PI in setting up initial budget and initiating MOU's and/or subrecipient agreements, and submits to proper signatory for execution,
  • Verify that subrecipient partners are not on the EPL (Excluded Parties List),
  • Maintain the official grant file with copies of all correspondence and reports,
  • In coordination with the PI and Business Services, provide oversight as needed to ensure successful implementation of the project,
  • Meet with PI as needed to troubleshoot problems, review regulations, and answer questions,
  • Obtain signatures on legal documents,
  • In coordination with the PI, assist with budget revisions and requests for modifying the terms of the award,
  • As requested, assist in preparing progress reports and submitting them to the agency,
  • Work with PI on grant renewals or new proposal submissions,
  • Work with PI to complete close-out activities and reports at the end of the grant period.



Grants & Contracts Manager
Sponsored Programs Office, University of Wisconsin-Parkside
262-595-2932  | 

Theresa R Castor

Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
262-595-2364  |


Pre-Award Manager
Sponsored Programs, WiSys Technology Foundation
608-314-4037  |

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