Rangers Give Back!

April 10 

Parkside Day is all about giving, giving back, and Ranger pride. What is a better way to celebrate Parkside Day then giving back to our Parkside Community? Join Rangers on UW Parkside’s Campus or anywhere on April 10th by volunteering for one of the slots below. 

For Parkside Day 2024 we are searching for 150 volunteers to help make Parkside Day one to remember! For every 50 volunteers who participate in Rangers Give Back, the UW-Parkside Foundation Board will donate $1,000 to the Future Focus Fund, up to $3,000.

Join Parkside Rangers on campus for a variety of delightful activities both inside and on campus grounds!

9AM-7PM Thank You Calls
Signing up to volunteer for thank-you calls during Parkside Day is like being the ultimate gratitude guru, spreading warmth and appreciation to donors, and being part of the magic that fuels our mission to make a difference! 

8AM-2PM Parkside Day Tabling
Signing up to table for Parkside Day is like being the ultimate hype person, spreading joy, energy, and excitement to everyone you meet, ensuring the Parkside Day is bursting with attendees and unforgettable moments! 

9AM-10AM Native Garden Planting
Planting native plants is like throwing a wild party for local ecosystems, where every plant is a VIP guest providing snacks and cozy hangout spots for native wildlife, making the whole place buzz with biodiversity and ready to rock any environmental changes that come its way! 

10AM-11AM Invasive Species Removal 
Join Campus sustainability in invasive species removal. Removing invasive species is crucial for preserving biodiversity, maintaining ecosystem functioning, and preventing economic damage.

11AM-12PM Invasive Species Removal  
Kicking out invasive species is like throwing a party for native plants and animals, ensuring they get the spotlight and preventing ecological chaos!

1PM-2PM Window Painting to Deter Bird Collisions
Painting windows is like giving them a funky makeover, turning them into bird-friendly disco balls that catch the eye and keep our feathered friends safe from unexpected collisions, ensuring they can soar through their day without any crash landings! 

5:30PM-7PM Ranger Reunion  
Be a part of the excitement by lending a hand in the setup and takedown of this incredible event. Alumni, come early and indulge in nostalgia as you reminisce about your days at UW Parkside while helping us prepare for the festivities. Students, after your classes, dive into the action and get a sneak peek behind the scenes as we transform the venue into a reunion paradise. 

Ready to volunteer?

Sign up today! 

Don’t live in the area? That’s no problem! Pick your favorite place to volunteer and volunteer on Parkside Day. Let Maris at dishno@uwp.edu know you volunteered and be counted for Parkside Day volunteering, plus get a free volunteer swag item! 




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