By air

International students should purchase airline tickets to Chicago O'Hare Airport (56 miles from Parkside) or Milwaukee Mitchell Airport (29 miles from Parkside). Please email the International Student Services/Study Abroad Office your airline itinerary (dates, airlines, flight numbers, and times) so that we can plan for your arrival. 

By bus

Once you arrive at the airport, most students take a bus to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Coach USA/Wisconsin Coachline busses can be taken directly from Chicago's O'Hare Airport or Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport. Busses leave both locations hourly throughout daytime hours and will take you to Kenosha's "Brat Stop" restaurant where a community volunteer will pick you up. See schedule at www.coachusa.comTickets can be purchased on this website or from the driver with exact cash or a credit card. No large paper money bills! Up to 2 bags are free with a $5 charge for each additional bag.

Chicago O'Hare Airport Busses
There are 2 bus stops at O'Hare Airport. The bus leaves from the busy traffic lanes outside the International Terminal 5. This can be convenient, but confusing as there are many busses leaving from there. If the weather is poor, you may want to put your luggage on a free cart and walk to the Bus/Shuttle Center (located under the Parking structure). The Bus/Shuttle Center is a protected environment, less busy and less confusing. You can easily buy a bus ticket at the counter ($26).  The Coach USA bus will be white (with red & blue) and will have an "O'Hare to Milwaukee" sign in the front window.  Be sure to tell the bus driver you are going to the "Kenosha Brat Stop."

Milwaukee Mitchell Airport Busses
A one-way bus ticket is $13 from Milwaukee.  Busses can be boarded from outside the airport baggage retrieval area (Arrivals). The Coach USA bus will be white (with red and blue) and will have a "Milwaukee to O'Hare" sign in the front window.  Be sure to tell the bus driver you are traveling to the "Kenosha Brat Stop."  

Laine Philippa

Laine Philippa
International Manager
Wyllie Hall, The Commons

Karin Basken

Karin Basken
International Coordinator
Wyllie Hall, The Commons

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