Course Registration

In the US, students register for classes months ahead of attendance. If students do not register early, many classes will become full (and unavailable) before you arrive. This could make it difficult for you to complete your program on schedule. IMPORTANT: If you register for courses and then are unable to attend, you must withdraw from these classes or you will be charged fees. The International Student Services office should also be informed. 

Undergraduate Students

Step 1 
Undergraduate students must required to take an online Placement Test before they can register. Register for your Placement Test here. This Mathematics and English test helps us determine which classes are most appropriate for you.

Step 2
“Navigate” is the university software that will connect you to an Advisor for course registration. Access Navigate to make an online appointment with your Academic Advisor. If you are unable to access the Navigate software, please contact the International Student Services office to obtain the name and email address of your Advisor. 

Step 3
Our professional advisors will help you select courses.  Please note that in the US educational system, all students begin their undergraduate program taking “general education” courses (arts, humanities, social/behavioral science, and natural sciences) along with your major courses.  These courses are designed to provide students with a diverse range of knowledge and skills.

Step 4
Make sure your courses adhere to F-1 / J-1 visa regulations.  Register for a minimum of 12 credits per semester.  (Only one of these courses can be in an online format.)

Graduate Students

Graduate students work directly with their academic program contact to arrange course registration. International graduate students must register for 9 academic credits per semester and only one of these courses can be in an online format.

Exchange Students (Undergraduate and Graduate)

We hope that you will be able to identify courses that will fit into your home academic program. Before meeting with an Advisor, review the Course Schedule for semester offerings (note additional charges). The Academic Catalog provides brief course descriptions. For upper level courses, you may be asked to provide previous course information to ensure you are academically prepared for the course. A special “permission number” may be required to enroll in some courses.

All exchange students should complete the attached Exchange Student Course Interest Form that you can discuss with your Academic Advisor.

Undergraduate Exchange Students

“Navigate” is the university software that connects undergraduate level students to a College Academic Advisor assigned to the academic major. Access Navigate to make an online appointment. If you are unable to access the Navigate software, please contact the International Student Services office to obtain the name and email address of your Advisor. 

Graduate Exchange Students

Work with the International Student Services Office to determine the correct program advisor.  Discuss the Exchange Student Course Interest Form with them for appropriate placement. 


As local transportation can be difficult, international students are strongly advised to begin their studies living on-campus in the university residence halls.  Freshmen, sophomores and exchange students are required to reside on-campus unless you qualify for an exemption. Look at our different housing options and complete a residence hall contract.

Married students and students with children require off-campus housing. 

It is important to apply early to get your preferred housing option. Late applications offer few choices.

Students can request to move in early by contacting the Housing & Residence Life at Students who arrive early will be charged additional fees. 

Dining Plans
After completing your residence hall application, you must choose a dining plan. Dining plans are required for on-campus residents.

Housing Options  Housing Contract  Dining Plan


The purpose of the International Student Orientation is to:

  • Welcome you!
  • Tour you through campus resources.
  • Provide you with valuable information on course registration, health insurance, immigration regulations, housing, internships, working, banking, health & safety, cultural/educational issues in the U.S., Local Resources, Friendship Program, and the Parkside International Club (PIC).
  • Process your U.S. immigration documents (SEVIS: Student & Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Finalize your course schedules.
  • Introduce you to other U.S. American and international students.

Your F-1/J-1 visa status requires you to attend International Student Orientation which is planned for September 2, 2024. Please plan to arrive to campus September 2, 2024.


Please email the ISS/SA Office with your flight details (Airline, flight number, Arrival date and time) and how you will be travelling to campus. This will help us verify that your housing accommodation and other arrangements are made for you.

Coach USA/Wisconsin Coachlines Airport Busses

Once you arrive at the airport, most students take a bus to Kenosha, Wisconsin. Coach USA/Wisconsin Coachline busses can be taken directly from Chicago's O'Hare Airport or Milwaukee's Mitchell Airport. Busses leave both locations throughout daytime hours and will take you to Kenosha's "Brat Stop" restaurant where a community volunteer will pick you up. See schedule at Tickets can be purchased on this website or from the driver with exact cash or a credit card. No large paper money bills! Up to 2 bags are free with a $5 charge for each additional bag.

There are 2 bus stops at O'Hare Airport. The bus leaves from the busy traffic lanes outside the International Terminal 5. This can be convenient, but confusing as there are many busses leaving from there. If the weather is poor, you may want to put your luggage on a cart and walk to the Bus/Shuttle Center (located under the Parking structure). The Bus/Shuttle Center is a protected environment, less busy and less confusing. You can buy a bus ticket on the bus with cash or credit card.  The Coach USA bus will be white (with red & blue) and will have an "O'Hare to Milwaukee" sign in the front window.  Be sure to tell the bus driver you are going to the "Kenosha Brat Stop."

By car

See Campus Map & Directions to campus

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