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The University of Wisconsin-Parkside has had an active program in civic engagement, promoting volunteerism, internships and community based learning projects.  In 2006, it was part of the American Democracy Project, preparing students for active participation in the 2008 election process through cooperatives across diverse departments and community partners. Community engagement is a nationally recognized hallmark of distinction for UW-Parkside embedded in an institutional commitment fostering civic-minded students, alumni, staff and faculty who provide scholarship, leadership, resources and services to the local and global community.

During the Fall semester of Presidential elections, the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies leads a campus wide Election Experience for students, community members, and staff.  In 2016, UW-Parkside’s voting rate was 56.7%, more than 6 points over the national average.

Midterm elections are just as important! And, this year in Wisconsin, there are some high profile races that will have national impact on Congressional power, as well as determining our political agenda in the state.

This fall, the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies is partnering with our award winning Library to encourage participation in the November midterm elections. Watch for the following events:

Mid-Term Election Voting Day & Ice Cream on the Bridge |  Tues November 6, 2018

Semester-long V-O-T-E Photo Contest

Check back often to see new information on the candidates, how to register to vote, where to vote, and other events!


Students who need a voter identification card (who don't have a valid driver's license or other state issued photo ID), can get a FREE voter ID directly from the Campus Concierge office located on the main floor of the Student Center. Ranger Cards are not voter ID compliant, as they are not issued every two years.  


Interested students should stop down at the Campus Concierge office any time it is staffed and present their Ranger Card. Printing the voter ID takes less than two minutes. Obtain additional information here

NSLVE Reports

UW-Parkside takes part in NSLVE (National Study of Learning, Voting, and Engagement). For the 2016 election, analysis was based on the voting records of 9,784,931 million students at 1.023 higher education institutions. The study found that 48.3% of all students voted in the 2016 presidential election, which significant variations by race gender, field of student, institution type, and more. This is the second election year that UW-Parkside has participated in the study, in which our university ranked higher in voter turn out than the national average. Click here to read past reports.

If you have questions about any of the events or the NSLVE report, please contact:

Professor Christopher Hudspeth

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