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SEP 22  |  National Voter Registration Day
OCT 24  |  National Vote Early Day
NOV 3  |  Election Day

Due to campus-wide COVID-19 regulations, only current students and campus community members will be able to attend in-person events. Click the REGISTER NOW button to access Live-Streaming information.


These events will only be available virtually via Webex. We ask that you please register to receive the link to join. 

The Electoral College in the 21st Century

Sandy Moats
September 9  |  12-1 PM
RITA 131

Explore what the Electoral College is, how it works, and why it's the critical pathway to the presidency.

Power Point Presentation

Slavery, Race, and the Constitution

Ross Astoria
September 16  |  12-1 PM
RITA 131

Review the features of the U.S. Constitution that systematically skewed political power toward the southern slave masters and contributed to the entrenchment of white supremacy.

PowerPoint Presentation

Political Advertising on
Social Media

Jacquelyn Arcy
September 23  |  12-1 PM
RITA 131

Explore how popular social media sites handle political advertising, how advertising companies use data mining to target social media users, and the impacts of these practices on our democracy.

Power Point Presentation

Political Advertising on Social Media

Gerrymandering in Wisconsin: Role of Geography in Election Outcomes

Kenny French
September 30  |  12-1 PM
RITA 131

Gerrymandering, or the manipulation of legislative boundaries to favor one political party, is a controversial topic in Wisconsin.  This presentation will discus gerrymandering history, tactics ("packing" and "cracking"), and remedies.

PowerPoint Presentation

Gerrymandering in Wisconsin: Role of Geography in Election Outcomes

Public Monuments and the Legacy of Racism

Doug Singsen
October 7  |  12-1 PM 
Virtual Event via Webex

Calls to remove monuments honoring Confederate leaders and other individuals who contributed to the history of racism in American society have become a major topic of debate in the US. This talk will consider different perspectives on whether these monuments should be removed, what should be done with them once they’re removed, and how such decisions should be made.

PowerPoint Presentation

Public Monuments and the Legacy of Racism

Satired out? Political Humor in 2020

Ed Schmitt
October 14  |  12-1 PM
Virtual Event via Webex

A look at the role political humor is playing in 2020 in comparison with past presidential election cycles in U.S. history.

PowerPoint Presentation

Satired Out? Political Humor in 2020

Do Campaigns Impact Voting Behavior?

Michael Hansen
October 21  |  12-1 PM
Virtual Event via Webex

The amount of money spent in the 2020 Presidential Election could top nearly $10 billion dollars. That amount is nearly half of what the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates would be needed to eliminate homelessness in U.S. completely. Given this fact, we should be asking ourselves, do campaigns actually impact voting behavior? Or, is this money needlessly being wasted?

PowerPoint Presentation

Do Campaigns Impact Voting Behavior?

Immigration, Education, and Election 2020

Greg Cramer
October 28  |  12-1 PM
Virtual Event via Webex

Immigration and education are always hot topics. Tune in to find out what role they will play in the 2020 presidential election.

PowerPoint Presentation

Immigration, Education, and Election 2020

There's Got to Be a Morning After: The Musical

Peggy James
November 4  |  12-1 PM
Virtual Event via Webex

Taking a musical moment to analyze the election results.

PowerPoint Presentation

Politics and Title IX

Aubri McDonald
November 11  |  12-1 PM
Virtual Event via Webex

Examines the politicization of Title IX rules for addressing sexual misconduct on college campuses. Discusses "believe the victim" and presumption of innocence doctrines as partisan signals, and the positions of the presidential nominees who have both been accused of sexual misconduct.


US Elections: Lessons and Implications for the "Developing" World

Simon Akindes
November 18  |  12-1 PM
Virtual Event via Webex

In this presentation, we will reflect on similarities between elections in the USA and the developing world, especially Latin America and Africa. Using a few cases, Dr. Akindes will  attempt to identify what the United States and countries in the developing world can learn from each other for electoral politics to become the true expression of people's will and needs.

PowerPoint Presentation


Join the Election Experience Team for virtual debate watch parties as Republican incumbent Donald Trump debates Democratic nominee Joe Biden. Interact online during the debates with a national audience from over 50 colleges and universities organized by the American Democracy Project in partnership with the Commission on Presidential Debates.



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First Presidential Debate

September 29  | 8-9:30 PM

Vice-Presidential Debate

October 7  |  8-9:30 PM

Second Presidential Debate CANCELED!

October 15  |  8-9:30 PM

Third Presidential Debate

October 22  |  8-9:30 PM

The Peoples' Map

October 6 | 6-7:30 PM

On September 10, 2020 Governor Evers announced the formation of The Peoples’ Map Task Force to address the increasing concerns throughout the state regarding potential partisan gerrymandering.  John Scott, member of the Fair Maps Coalition in Wisconsin will moderate a panel discussion on redistricting in Wisconsin, and the importance of grassroots efforts to effect change.  Panel Participants are Dale Schultz and Tim Cullen, former members of the Wisconsin State Senate. 


The People's Map

Charles Franklin

October 13  |  5-6 PM

A look at the 2020 Elections in Wisconsin and the Nation
Nationally recognized government scholar and pollster Charles Franklin has been director of the Marquette Law School Poll since its inception in 2012, and became a full-time member of the faculty in 2013.  As director of the largest independent polling project in history, Dr. Franklin will present the latest information on the campaign for the White House.

This event will be virtual and available online, we ask that you please register prior to the event. 


Charles Franklin

Voter Suppression: Courageous Conversations

October 26 | 7 PM -  9 PM

The Alan E. Guskin Center for Community and Business Engagement partners with the Kenosha Coalition for Dismantling Racism in presenting COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS: Voter Suppression.  Panelists participating in the event are Yoger Aguilar, UW Parkside student and President of LULAC Council # 354,  Karen Kempinen, co-founder of Empower Uptown, and  Carl Fields, Vice President of Ex-incarcerated People Organizing (EXPO). Jade Peeples, law student and political organizer.  Reggie Jackson, writer, educator, activist. 



Voter Suppression: Courageous Conversations

ARU Brave Talk: Round Table Discussion on Election 2020

October 29 | 5-6:30 PM

Join in on this round table event to bravely discuss the intersections of the upcoming election and important topics for youth in the communities of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). Hear from current student leaders in the Always Reaching Upward (ARU) mentoring program and Dr. Michael Hansen, UW-Parkside Political Science professor.


ARU Brave Talk

program contact

Christopher Hudspeth  |  262-595-3236  |

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