Expert Business Communication Certificate

Noncredit Professional Development

There is more to expert business communication than meets the eye, especially in the multigenerational, multicultural workforce we are a part of today. One must understand how to effectively communicate with coworkers, business partners, and local and global organizations in order to achieve success in the workplace.

In a series of three trainings, participants will learn how to communicate in a way that is both professional and impactful, whether that communication occurs digitally, cross culturally, or in a standard office environment. 

Part of the Inclusive Leadership Series.


The Expert Business Communication Certificate will help you:

  • Develop an action plan to improve communication skills.
  • Explain the business advantages of having a multicultural workforce and describe a multicultural model of feedback, communication, and listening.
  • Demonstrate techniques for better listening in challenging situations.
  • Identify the organizational culture of a workplace, discuss the three characteristics that define an organizational network, and explain the differences between a defensive and supportive workplace climate.
  • Identify and discuss peer and mixed-status relationships – including upward and downward communication.
  • Work through challenges that arise among workplace relationships. 

Return on investment

Improve skills that support effective communication in the multigenerational, multicultural workforce of today’s global economy. Whether digitally, cross-culturally, or in a standard office environment, see how communication can achieve success on an individual and company-wide level. 

While you or your employees have the opportunity to complete individual trainings, participating in the entire Expert Business Communication Certificate supports the potential to produce highly productive and authentic leaders who can communicate more effectively in the multigenerational, multicultural workforce of today’s global workplace.

Successful completion of all three modules will earn a certificate and badge in Expert Business Communication. Read more about digital badges.


FOCUS  |  Strategies and skills employees need to understand differences, transcend barriers, and successfully communicate across cultures. 

METHOD  |  Through case studies and practical exercises, move beyond developing awareness and understanding of difference to understanding and identifying barriers to effective communication in diverse environments. 

COMPETENCIES  |  Multicultural workforce awareness  |  Behavioral styles  |  Multicultural feedback, communication, and listening model  |  Listening techniques  |  Communication action plan 

INSTRUCTION  |  Face-to-face

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FOCUS  |  Email etiquette, digital presentations, using social media for business, generational differences, and the advantages and disadvantages of technology. 

METHOD  |  Explore how essential uses of workplace technology and the need to navigate digital communication present new challenges for professionals of all ages. 

COMPETENCIES  |  Workplace netiquette  |  Internet communication  |  Email etiquette  |  Digital presentation modes  |  Social media for business  |  Technology advantages and disadvantages  |  Multigenerational workforce awareness 


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FOCUS  |  Defining characteristics of organizational culture, workplace climates, and networks, and ways to work through challenges that arise among relationships. 

METHOD  |  Through case studies and practical exercises, discuss organizational culture and climate, workplace networks, peer relationships, and mixed status relationships. 

COMPETENCIES  |  Workplace culture and climate  |  Workplace networks  |  Peer relationships  |  Mixed status relationships  |  Challenges to workplace relationships 


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