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Spring 2023-24/Undergraduate/Open Classes

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FREN 103 Introductory French I
FREN 103 Introductory French I 4 CR Johnson, Sarah A
Registration Number: 6440 Section: H91
Class Dates: 1/22 - 6/12
Room Number TREMPER HS
PACC STUDENTS ONLY. Consent PACC program. Meets Tremper HS, Kenosha.
FREN 104 Introductory French II
FREN 104 Introductory French II 4 CR Hicks, Claire M
Registration Number: 6234 Section: 002
Class Dates: 1/29 - 5/10
Room Number ONLINE
Class Type: DE FREN 103 or equivalent or placement. Online; additional online fee: $35/credit.
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Class Day
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
SA Saturday
SU Sunday


Class Type
HU Humanities and the Arts
(General Education)
NS Natural Sciences
(General Education)
SS Social and Behavioral Sciences
(General Education)
CBL Community Based Learning
DV Diversity Requirement
SA Study Abroad
DE Online/Hybrid
EXT UW Extension
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