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Fall 2021-22/Undergraduate/Open Classes

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WGSS 110 Intr Wmns/Gndr/Sxualty Studies
WGSS 110 Intr Wmns/Gndr/Sxualty Studies 3 CR Brownson, Elizabeth
Registration Number: 2128 Section: 001
Class Dates: 9/8 - 12/17
Meeting Times: 9:30A - 10:52A
FINAL: 12/14/21 8:00A
Meeting Days T R Room Number RITA L109
Class Type: SS
WGSS 112 Women In Literature
WGSS 112 Women In Literature 3 CR Lenard, Mary
Registration Number: 2172 Section: 001
Class Dates: 9/8 - 12/17
Meeting Times: 10:00A - 10:53A
FINAL: 12/17/21 10:30A
Meeting Days M W F Room Number MOLN L226
Class Type: HU DE Hybrid: In-Person/Online; contact instructor/department for details.
WGSS 366 Women/Crime/Criminal Justice
WGSS 366 Women/Crime/Criminal Justice 3 CR McDonald, Aubri F
Registration Number: 1317 Section: 001
Class Dates: 9/8 - 12/17
Meeting Times: 3:30P - 4:52P
FINAL: 12/16/21 3:30P
Meeting Days T R Room Number MOLN D128
CRMJ 101 or consent.
WGSS 499 Independent Study:
WGSS 499 Independent Study: 1 - 3 CR Kind-Keppel, Heather Marie
Registration Number: 2738 Section: 001
Class Dates: 9/8 - 12/17
Room Number
Consent instructor, program director.

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Class Day
M Monday
T Tuesday
W Wednesday
R Thursday
F Friday
SA Saturday
SU Sunday


Class Type
HU Humanities and the Arts
(General Education)
NS Natural Sciences
(General Education)
SS Social and Behavioral Sciences
(General Education)
CBL Community Based Learning
DV Diversity Requirement
SA Study Abroad
DE Online/Hybrid
EXT UW Extension
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