Vision, Mission & Core Values


The Department of Business at UW-Parkside will be the leading source for business education, knowledge, collaboration, and advice in Southeast Wisconsin.


Dedicated to preparing successful business graduates, our AACSB-accredited Department of Business is committed to providing student-centered education with a purposeful emphasis on community engaged learning .  Located in the economically vibrant Chicago-Milwaukee corridor, our engaged and diverse business faculty, staff, and students work closely with many organizations in the region to advance economic development and best business practices. We also strive to develop global business leaders through our international partnerships, and educational programs.

Core Values and Beliefs

  • The department strives to bring the community to the classroom and the classroom to the community. The department is a leader in community based learning as a means to contribute to the community and a way to teach theory and practice.
  • The department values its location in SE Wisconsin and works with local business leaders to determine relevant programs, learning objectives, and curriculum. Graduating undergraduate and MBA students are well-prepared to work in local businesses and global organizations worldwide.
  • The department values innovation and develops new programs in attempt to meet the evolving needs of the economy and its students.
  • The department believes that scholarly research and professional practice are essential to qualified faculty. The department values multiple forms of research but particularly values research that addresses learning relevant for Parkside students and scholarship that is relevant to local business.
  • The department strives to prepare students for the global economy by creating international partnerships, providing opportunities for students to study abroad, cultivating a global classroom, and infusing globalization into the curriculum.
  • The department values the diverse backgrounds of UW-Parkside students, faculty, and staff. Diversity includes race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual preference, financial status, family obligations, work status, and academic preparation. The department strives to offer multiple forms of learning to address the needs of UW-Parkside's diverse learning community.
  • The department values diverse perspectives and an inclusive form of decision making.
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