Taking Charge of Her Own Education - Interview with Jenna Krueger

Headshot of Jenna Krueger

Published: November 13, 2019

Jenna Krueger is a graduate student studying clinical mental health counseling at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside. This semester she is interning in the Admissions office as a visitor services coordinator. Her job entails the behind-the-scenes work that goes into planning admission-related events, such as reserving conference rooms and coordinating meals with dining services. 

“Even though it is hard now, it eventually won’t be this hard.”

It has not always been easy for Jenna. Before starting with Admissions, she was shy and reserved, and could never imagine speaking in front of more than one person. At one point, she questioned if she even wanted to continue down this path. “For me it was scary, but I ultimately knew that it was going to help me in the end. But I had encouragement from my supervisor and other staff members. I had support through it all.” She feels that it was this support that helped her through the hardest times, and it helped her grow into who she is as a professional. “I learned how to set boundaries with what I was comfortable with. They really helped me have my own voice.”

It was up to me to take charge of my own education.”

This internship has taught Jenna several critical skills that can be applied to any career of her choosing. “...This internship gives me interpersonal skills, teaches me how to handle conflict, and [how to] support others that may be having a hard time. So you’re gonna get something out of it even if it is not directly related.”

Jenna offers the following advice to students who are considering pursuing internships:
1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
2. Lean into the discomfort.
3. Have fun and make it your experience.

Jenna believes the most rewarding part of her internship is being able to connect with the students and tell them how special Parkside is. She feels that if she can show just one person the qualities that make this campus a great place to live and learn, she would be happy.


-Cassidy Schwimmer
Community and Business Engagement Social Media Intern

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