Knowing Your Audience- Interview With Grace Scalzo

Grace Scalzo Orientation

Student: Grace Scalzo
Major(s): Communication & Business Management 
Minor: Public Relations 
Class Rank: Senior 

April 2022

Searching to expand her knowledge of the field of communication, Grace was drawn to HARIBO’s family orientated values. Officially taking the role as HARIBO’s Corporate Communication Intern in a hybrid environment, Grace creates content remotely, while also commuting to meet with her team at HARIBO’s office in Rosemont, Illinois. 

Collaborating closely with a small team of three, Grace writes informational internal and external communication pieces. She incorporates her previous internship experiences and academic understanding of being an effective communicator in many ways. Through sending out corporate updates and original content on the international candy company, Grace helps her team keep employees and the public informed.  

“You are able to put all the best practices [that] your teachers try to educate you on in class, into real life, [...] there’s no way to replicate that.” 

As a student with a major in communication, Grace has learned the importance of knowing who your target audience is when it comes to creating corporate content. With  help from her supervisor, Grace has strengthened her writing abilities to combine HARIBO’s brand and overall mission in her writing. Internships are introductory opportunities that allow students to receive constructive feedback. When receiving feedback, it is best to keep an open mind as this can help improve the quality of future performance and interpersonal skills. 

“The experience I’ve gotten with Haribo is invaluable... I’ve become a better communicator overall.” 

Grace’s experience as HARIBO’s Corporate Communication Intern, has helped influence her next steps once she graduates in May 2022. Using the corporate skills she’s developed, Grace plans to pursue her education further in mass communication and journalism. 

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