CS Software FAQs

How do I create a Word-type document?

On UNIX machines use LibreOffice Writer. Select Applications->Office->LibreOffice Writer. Libre Office Writer can read and write Microsoft Word compatible documents.

How can I run CS lab GUIs on my Windows machine at home?

By using Remote Desktop.  Please contact the CS Systems Administrator with questions.

How can I run CS lab GUIs on my Apple machine at home?

By downloading Microsoft Remote Desktop from the AppStore.  Please contact the CS Systems Administrator with questions.

What Microsoft software can I get for free?

The department in conjunction with the Microsoft Imagine (fka Dreamspark ) is pleased to bring you the opportunity to get free software. For very modest amounts, some of the software media is also available for purchase. You must be enrolled in a CSCI or CIS class and have received an email with login information to take advantage of this offer. You will receive a new email each semester you are eligible. If interested, please visit our Imagine website.


When you download the software you may get an iso file which you will have to burn to a disc to use. The MSDNAA website has instructions on how to do so here.


How do I get a free copy of VMware?

The College of Business, Economics, and Computing have an academic licensing agreement with Vmware for licenses for educational and research purposes. Please see the CS System Administrator for more details.

How do I get SSH for Windows?

SSH is installed on all of the CS Lab machines. For your personal computer Click here to download SSH for Windows. 


How do I get SSH for Mac?

For Mac OS X, SSH is already available via the command line in the Terminal application.

How do I get SSH for Linux?

For Linux, it should be available via the package manager for your distribution if it is not already installed.

For more information, please contact 

Heather Miles
Molinaro D120

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