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To set up an advising appointment, please email IPED's academic advisor, Mary Jo Gdovin, at

Advising Tips

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Test-Taking Tips for College Students

How to Improve Your Study Skills

Note-Taking Methods: Cornell Notes

Teacher Education Advising

Check out our Teacher Education Advising FAQs for common questions and answers about our clinical program and the college experience!

Educator preparation advising is a collaborative process. The advisor and student work as a team to develop a successful advisor/advisee relationship. Both the advisor and the student have important responsibilities in developing and maintaining this teamwork.  The educator preparation advisor is responsible for meeting with the student as soon as possible. The advisor will determine what other team members should be assigned to the advising team based on the teacher candidates’ chosen major and/or pathway.  All admitted UW‐Parkside teacher candidates, in good standing, can indicate their intent to enter the educator preparation program by declaring their plan with the educator preparation program advisor in IPED by filling out a plan declaration form. Advising each semester is mandatory in this program.

IMPORTANT: All students must meet with the Educator Preparation Advisor for curricular and program requirement.  Advising from anyone but the Educator Preparation advisor will not be deemed official for the EDU program.  Rules and regulations for the EDU program change often by the State of Wisconsin and any other source of advising cannot be guaranteed to be correct.

Advising Contacts

Prior to Educator Preparation Program Admission
The Institute of Professional Educator Development has a dedicated advisor for all educator preparation programs. Students who are interested in an Educator Preparation Program should contact the Institute to schedule an appointment.

Mary Jo Gdovin, IPED advisor

  Advisor: Mary Jo Gdovin
  Office Hours: 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday through Friday
  Location: Molinaro D111
  Phone: (262) 595-2094
  Email (preferred):

Academic Department Affiliate Advisors
Students must meet with the content advisor from the appropriate academic department affiliate listed below each semester. The content advisor is the expert in your academic content area and is familiar with the Educator Preparation Program and the requirements.

Biological Sciences
Robert Barber
GRNQ 0355
(262) 595-2419
Lori Allen
(262) 595-3420
English/Language Arts
Suzanne Swiderski
(262) 595-2363
Kathleen Gillogly
(262) 595-2147

Zhaohui (George) Li
GRNQ 0339
(262) 595-2487
Ed Schmitt
MOLN 0131
(262) 595-2205
Pirooz (Paul) Mohazzabi
(262) 595-2529

Alvaro Garcia                          
(262) 595-2315
Political Science
Ross Astoria
GRNQ 0215
(262) 595-2067
Shi Hae Kim
(262) 595-2015

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345