Tuesday Talks for Teachers

TUESDAYS  |  4-5:30 PM  |  VIRTUAL

This dynamic, virtual professional development series is designed to empower educators like never before! On select Tuesdays throughout the year, you can join us for engaging discussions, insightful workshops, and invaluable strategies tailored to enhance your teaching prowess. From innovative classroom techniques to navigating the latest educational trends, we're here to equip you with the tools you need to excel. Elevate your teaching game, connect with fellow educators, and transform your classroom experience through Tuesday Talks for Teachers. Don't miss out on this transformative journey toward becoming the educator you aspire to be!




Classroom Management X-Change

Anne Demers | 21st Century


Educators understand that strong classroom management is the cornerstone of a successful learning year. Join us for an interactive workshop where you'll engage in dynamic conversations and collaboration focused on enhancing classroom management. Bring your ideas and experiences to share with fellow educators from across the state, and leave with fresh strategies and renewed inspiration!

Anne Demers has been teaching for 8 years now and finds herself attracted to schools in lower income and diverse areas. She believes that making connections with her students is the bridge to academic success. Anne’s classroom is structured, but her students can always count on a great amount of levity around every corner. She’s actively involved in committees and clubs in her school like implementing ALICE, Guiding Coalition, and PBIS Communication Committee. She was also a part of the DPI Forward Exam Standard Setting during this past summer. She’s very excited about continuing her learning path through Math Specialist graduate courses so she can reach as many students as possible.

On a personal level, Anne and her husband just celebrated their 20th anniversary. They enjoy watching their 17-year-old son plan for his future as his last year of high school approaches. They moved from Florida to Wisconsin 2 years ago and couldn’t be happier about their decision. 




Collaboration to Promote the Success of Students with Disabilities  |  Part 1

Dr. Elizabeth Grobart | UW-Parkside


Collaboration to Promote the Success of Students with Disabilities  |  Part 2

Dr. Elizabeth Grobart | UW-Parkside

$50 (inlcudes both sessions)

Join us for an engaging 2-part workshop that delves into the heart of effective collaboration among stakeholders working with students with disabilities. Grounded in high-leverage practices (HLPs) for special education, we'll explore specific strategies for fostering strong partnerships between general and special educators. You'll gain insights into service delivery models, curricular adaptations, and how to seamlessly integrate special education services within general education settings.

We'll also debunk common misconceptions about special education law, teacher responsibilities, and collaboration. Participants will have the chance to share their own collaboration challenges and, together, we'll brainstorm practical solutions. Whether you're a general education teacher, special education teacher, or administrator, this session offers valuable takeaways for everyone.



Elizabeth Grobart is an assistant professor in Teacher Education at the University of Wisconsin – Parkside, where she focuses on preparing teachers to work with students with disabilities. She teaches a range of special education courses and serves as a clinical supervisor, working closely with teacher candidates and their mentor teachers. Dr. Grobart's work as a teacher educator is grounded in the high-leverage practices (HLPs) for students with disabilities. In addition to the preparation of special educators, her research examines the special educator workforce, including their roles and career decisions. Prior to this, Dr. Grobart worked as an elementary special educator, and is passionate about promoting equitable educational opportunities for students with disabilities. 



Early Talent Development

Dr. Maria Katsaros-Molzahn  |  Oregon School District (Retired) 


If we believe that every student has unique talents, then creating opportunities for talent development should be a given. Yet, many educators struggle with how to systematically nurture these talents. In this dynamic workshop, we'll explore how integrating the humanities into your curriculum can help students gain a broader understanding of the world and enhance their academic skills. Join us to learn practical strategies for fostering talent development in every student!

Dr. Maria Katsaros-Molzahn, Ed.D is a retired educator with over 33 years of classroom experience. A fine artist by training, Dr. KM has infused all her classroom environments with art theory and practice.



Using Technology Creatively to Encourage No-Cheating! |  Part 1

Jenny Barreau  |  Hillsboro School District


Using Technology Creatively to Encourage No Cheating! |  Part 2

Jenny Barreau  |  Hillsboro School District

$50 (Includes both sessions)  

It's no secret that students love using technology. As teachers, we naturally worry about maintaining academic integrity in this tech-savvy world. In this 2-part workshop we will dive into how we can integrate technology into our lessons in ways that minimize cheating and maximize engagement. By leveraging a variety of tech tools and designing creative assignments, we can create captivating learning experiences that keep our students honest and excited about learning.

Jenny Barreau has been teaching for over 25 years, teaching in classrooms from elementary school through middle school. She strongly believes that technology can empower students to be creative and enhance their learning experience. In addition to her teaching experience, she is proud to be a Breakout EDU Ambassador and is currently finishing her PBS Literacy Educator Certificate.



Dream, Design, Develop: Elementary STEM Can Happen! 

Sheila Fox  |  Edgerton School District  


In this workshop, we will explore what it takes to develop a comprehensive K-5 STEM program. We'll dive into the decision-making process that ensures all elementary students in your district can participate in STEM activities, aligned with your Science and Math curriculum and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). You'll walk away with practical tips, lesson examples, action shots, videos, useful websites, and hands-on resources. This session will highlight the positive collaboration that can create a robust STEM education pathway from kindergarten to high school.

Sheila’s teaching career started many years ago in Hartford, WI when she started teaching 5th grade. After almost 30 years of teaching 10 and 11 year olds, she became the first Talented and Gifted Interventionist in the Edgerton School District. With this new position, she also became involved in STEM Education and realized the full potential of STEM learning not only with her TAG students but with all students. For five years, Sheila served as both the the K-5 STEM Teacher at two elementary schools, and as the K-8 Talented and Gifted Interventionist for the Edgerton School District. After 38 years in education, Sheila retired, however, two months later, she was back part time and is now serving as the K-5 Math Coach in the Edgerton School District.

More Tuesday Talks are scheduled in 2025 starting Tuesday, January 14!

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