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III. Natural Sciences (NS) Courses

Approved Courses Fall 2016-Summer 2017

Approved Courses Fall 2015-Summer 2016

Approved Courses Fall 2013-Summer 2015

Approved Courses Fall 2012-Summer 2013 

Requirements Fall 2011-Summer 2012 

Requirements Fall 2005-Summer 2011 

Requirements 1994-2005

2005-present requirements apply to all degree-seeking students with initial registration at UW-Parkside Fall 2005 to present.

Students pursuing a B.S. in Nursing must see the Nursing Advisor for accurate information about meeting the educational requirements set forth by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

"DV" indicates the course satisfies the Ethnic Diversity requirement; see the Course Schedule for other "DV" courses.

Students with initial registration at UW-Parkside from Fall 1994-Spring 2005 should use the Requirements 1994-2005 document.

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