The goal of the General Education Program is to provide students with a diverse range of knowledge and skills to help them become successful professionals, engaged citizens, and lifelong learners. To achieve these goals, Parkside students must complete thirty-six (36) General Education credits, with a minimum of twelve credits (12) in each of three areas: the arts and humanities, the social and behavioral sciences, and the natural sciences. Within each of these areas, students must take courses in at least three different academic departments.


The following courses will be added to the Gen Ed list in the 2023-2024 academic catalog:

BIOS 125  |  Fundamentals of Freshwater (Natural Sciences)

CSCI 220  |  Web Client Programming (Natural Sciences)

MATH 110  |  Cultural Perspectives of Mathematics (Natural Sciences)

UWP 294  |  Work-Based Learning (Social and Behavioral Sciences)


The program learning goals are communication, reasoned judgment and social and personal responsibility. These goals are defined by outcomes that reflect skills and abilities valued by all employers.



Literacy | Reading for understanding and writing effective communication

Oral communication | Listening, speaking and presenting effectively

Information Technology | Using modern information technology to retrieve and transmit information

Creative Expression | Communicating through artistic statement

Critical Thinking | Applying logic and reasoning to problem solving

Ethical Thinking  | Recognizing and analyzing ethical issues and actions

Scientific Thinking | Understanding and applying the scientific method

Analytical Skills | Understanding how to produce and interpret quantitative and qualitative information

Aesthetic Skills | Critiquing and appreciating the fine arts (literary, visual, and performing)

Individual Accountability  | Understanding what a responsible choice is and that one’s present education and lifelong learning is a personal responsibility

Social Justice  | Understanding and questioning the values and beliefs about social, political, economic and historical contexts that construct diversity and inequality

Civic Engagement  | Learning to use knowledge and skills to contribute to the community

Global Perspective  | Acquiring the knowledge and skills that provide an understanding of international ane global issues as well as processes

Teamwork  | Working effectively with others for a common goal

  • Humanities and the Arts
  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Natural Science

The competencies are embedded in course work throughout your college career. The assessment of these competencies is part of our evaluation of your work in the course. It is essential that you take personal responsibility for meeting degree requirements, but you don't have to do this alone. You are urged to take full advantage of the advising help here on campus. The faculty and staff are here to assist you – ASK QUESTIONS!


To request an Executive Action, send an e-mail detailing your request to the General Education office.


Doug Singsen  |  General Education Director  |

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