RANGER RESTART: Updates, resources, and FAQs

Registration and Orientation

Registering for classes

Once you are academically admitted, the International Student Services Office will provide you with information regarding your Academic Advisor. You will work with your Advisor to pre-register for courses before you arrive.

Course options can be selected from the Course Schedule. Remember, international students are allowed only one online course per semester.

For degree-seeking undergraduates: Your course schedule cannot be finalized until you complete the University placement test (during orientation). 

For exchange students: We hope that you will be able to identify courses that will fit into your home academic program. For upper level courses, you may be asked to provide previous course information to ensure you are academically prepared. A special “permission number” may be required to enroll in some courses.


Make plans to attend the International Student Orientation.

The purpose of the International Student Orientation is to:

  • Welcome you!
  • Tour you through campus resources.
  • Provide you with valuable information on course registration, health insurance, immigration regulations, housing, internships, working, banking, health & safety, cultural/educational issues in the U.S., Local Resources, Friendship Program, and the Parkside International Club (PIC).
  • Process your U.S. immigration documents (SEVIS: Student & Exchange Visitor Information System)
  • Complete Placement test (for undergraduate degree-seeking students)
  • Finalize your course schedules.
  • Introduce you to other U.S. American and international students.
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