Average pay with an associate degree is 15% higher than a high school diploma alone

Professional Studies AA

This associate of arts degree is a flexible program that will allow you to improve your employment possibilities and gives you a higher education credential in as little as two years upon completion of the degree requirements. This degree serves as a defined pathway through general education requirements and is a credentialed confirmation of the halfway point to earning a bachelor's degree.

The Professional Studies associate degree is an excellent preparation for majors in sociology, political science, and business. 

When you learn about public and private sector development and research methods you will gain skills that will make you more employable. You will also gain a deeper knowledge of technology and an appreciation and understanding of the global community.

If you have questions, please contact Denise Hancock at hancock@uwp.edu or call 262-595-2162.

Real Opportunities

Gain the skills that employers in the private and public sector have identified as being important for their employees to have:

  • Be civically engaged
  • Be community minded
  • Possess the skills to navigate the increasingly vibrant and changing employment landscape
Amazing results

You will have completed a major milestone by earning half of the required credits for a bachelor's degree. 

Develop skills in public speaking and a sense of responsibility for your local, national and global communities.

Learn to consider how ethical views affect the world around you.

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Contact Info

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Email: hancock@uwp.edu

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