Digital design and fabrication certificate

Whether your major is business, biological sciences, pre-engineering, art, or any other possibility, the Digital Design and Fabrication certificate is a perfect pairing to enhance your studies. When you learn how to design and make things using computer-aided software, 3D printers, and state-of-the-art CNC machinery, you become fluent in the use of these tools as a creative, artist, technician, and entrepreneur.

The Digital Design and Fabrication certificate prepares you to design and make things using computer-aided software, 3D printers, and state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Intentionally created to align art and industry, this certificate offers you the opportunity to train for a digitally complex world as a creative, artist, technician, or entrepreneur.

The Digital Design and Fabrication Certificate has been designed to to meet your academic and career interests. You will begin by choosing a course that introduces 2D and 3D CAD drafting techniques and practices from a variety of disciplines. After advancing your understanding of CAD and digital fabrication, your final course is tailored individually to your career interests.

The needs of modern-day manufacturing align incredibly well with contemporary artistic and theatrical technologies. For instance, 2D digital technologies are widely used in graphic design, computerized theatrical drafting, and digital art and theatrical rendering. 3D technologies are increasingly used as a method of developing prototypical models or fabricating parts of a larger whole—oftentimes making things not possible through other, traditional mediums. Both art and industry ground themselves in creativity and innovation while making use of available technologies to realize their goals. 

Digital Design and Fabrication is a 21st-century skill with applications across multiple disciplines at UW-Parkside. The certificate is not just for students studying the arts. Students from any discipline at Parkside can couple this certificate with their major to increase their marketability. Business, biology, or pre-engineering majors who want to make things might consider this certificate. Members of the community can earn the certificate for professional advancement. 

Introduction to 2D and 3D CAD drafting techniques and practices

Choose one of the following:

DFAB 170 | CAD I – Sketchup Make | 1 credit
DFAB 171 | CAD I – AutoCAD | 1 credit
DFAB 172 | CAD I – Vectorworks | 1 credit
ART 104 | Introduction to Digital Art | 3 credits
THEA 363 | Lighting & Sound Design I | 3 credits
THEA 373 | Scenic Design I | 3 credits
PHYS 216 | Engineering Drawing & Computer Aided Design | 3 credits

Intermediate 2D & 3D CAD and introduction to digital fabrication

DFAB 270 | CAD II (Face-to-face or hybrid) | 3 credits

Advanced 3D CAD, and Intermediate digital fabrication

DFAB 370 | Digital Fabrication I | 3 credits

Advanced digital fabrication training, tailored to career interests

DFAB 470 | Digital Fabrication II | 3 credits


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