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Engineering Major (Consortial Program)

Engineering (Consortial Program)

Engineering is a creative, diverse discipline. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for mechanical and electrical engineers is expected to grow 4-5% in the next 8 years. Because of the skyrocketing need for workers skilled in science, technology, engineering, and math, engineering tops nearly every list of degrees that offer a high return on investment.

Engineers innovate and create, building the roads we walk on, analyzing the watersheds we drink from, realizing robotic technology used to explore our DNA, and improving the electrocardiography (EKG) machines that one day might save our lives.

Electrical Engineering
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering - New!
Mechanical Engineering

MILWAUKEE CONNECTION | Begin your first two years of study at UW-Parkside specializing in either Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and be guaranteed acceptance into UW-Milwaukee College of Engineering and Applied Science (UWM-CEAS) after completion of required courses and meeting the minimum GPA requirements. At UW-Milwaukee, you'll get the support you need including career advising to help you write a resume, land an internship, co-op and get your first job. There's even two annual career fairs and on-site job interviews. UW-Milwaukee's undergraduate research opportunities give you job-ready experience.

Interest in Parkside's Engineering Program is already on the rise and promises to increase steadily over the next few years. So don't delay -- apply today! 

For more information, please contact Dr. Ryan Karr (, Dr. Bryan Lewis (, or Dr. Paul Mohazzabi (

Program ineligible for international F-1/J-1 visa holders

Real Opportunities
A few of the benefits of initiating your study of engineering at UW-Parkside:
  • Small Class Sizes - You will learn the required mathematics, physics, and chemistry from dedicated Ph.D. professors at Parkside in relatively small classroom settings.

  • Rapid Specialization - You will begin to specialize in your chosen area quickly, with instructors who are experts in the application of the natural sciences to engineering.

  • Low Tuition Rates - The cost of your first two years of undergraduate study in engineering at Parkside is considerably less than the same two years of instruction at UW-Milwaukee.

  • Guaranteed Acceptance - Upon successful completion of the required courses, your acceptance to the continuation of your program at UW-Milwaukee is guaranteed.

  • Valuable Scholarships - Faculty members at UW-Parkside engage in local and regional partnerships with some of the world's leading manufacturing companies, including Kenosha's own Snap-On Incorporated. The Snap-On Incorporated Engineering Scholarship is available for promising students who enter the UW-Parkside Engineering Program. Each of these scholarships is worth $3,000 for one year, and renewable for a second year upon successful completion of program requirements.

Amazing Results
From the world's largest mechanical marvels and electronic grids, down to nano-scale robotics and quantum computers, engineers are the ones that make it happen. The Engineering Program at Parkside is ready to provide the foundation you need to make it happen.
Engineering Partnerships

Upon arrival in 2012, UW-Parkside College of Natural and Health Sciences founding Dean Emmanuel Otu, working with the Math-Physics Department and Dr. Carmel Ruffolo, began talks with UW-Milwaukee's College of Engineering and Applied Science's new Dean, Dr. Brett Peters.  Discussions also involved visiting high school principals in the Kenosha and Racine. The talks resulted in an initial agreement to offer the first two years of UWM's electrical and mechanical engineering programs at Parkside. Students complete the articulated courses at UWP and transfer seamlessly to UWM as juniors.  The agreement began in fall 2014 with 12 new students enrolled the first year.

At inception in fall 2014, Snap-On Tools, Inc. became a huge benefactor of this agreement through a $60,000 scholarship fund for Parkside engineering students.

In fall of 2015, following interest from UWM Associate Professor Dr. Naira Campbell-Kyureghyan, Drs. Paul Mohazzabi, Bryan Lewis, and Dean Otu met again with the UWM engineering program's department heads and Dean Peters to discuss expanding the agreement.  Following this meeting, a comprehensive agreement was signed for all engineering programs at UWM to have a two year start at UWP, following articulation of courses. Upon completion of the two-year articulated courses students also receive an associate of science degree in physics.

This spring, ASYST Technology, LLC, a Kenosha based international company – manufacturing automobile lighting fixtures – has offered two paid internship and one co-op opportunity for engineering students. 

In the second year the number of engineering majors and intended is 43 – a 258% increase.

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Contact Info

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