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Math & Physics

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside offers an undergraduate major in mathematics with options in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or teaching mathematics in elementary and secondary school.

Small class sizes at all levels of instruction, coupled with an outstanding faculty, some of whom have won the school-wide awards in teaching or research, makes Parkside an ideal university to study mathematics at the undergraduate level.


The physics program at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside offers a complete and modern major in pure and applied physics. The course curriculum is a balanced mix of theoretical, experimental and computational instruction designed to prepare the student for the modern workplace as well as further study in graduate programs. Instruction includes:

  • A two-semester sequence of introductory courses (201 and 202) covering the full breadth of pre-20th century classical physics.
  • A Modern Physics course (205) on relativity and quantum theory with a strong emphasis on the great experiments that revolutionized physics in the 20th century.
  • An intermediate sequence of classical physics courses, Classical Mechanics (301) and Electromagnetism (302).
  • A course in Computational Physics (303) introducing the student to computer simulation and computational techniques.
  • A complete overview of the mathematical tools and techniques used in pure and applied physics, Mathematical Methods (307) for physicists.
  • A course in Advanced Experimental Physics (306) that includes instruction in analog and digital electronics.
  • An upper-division sequence consisting of Quantum Mechanics (441) and Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics (403).

Recent surveys have indicated that physics majors are among the most likely students to be accepted into medical schools. Holders of undergraduate degrees in physics are also in high demand in all high-tech fields in the workplace, and in teaching professions.

Recent graduates from the Parkside physics program have gone on to graduate schools such as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ohio State University, and Oxford in England.


What our students are saying:

At first I was weary of Parkside's small size and even smaller physics department, but through time I saw how much the professors here really care about their students. The small student population and lack of TA's allows for ample one on one time with each individual professor and that's not something easily achievable at a larger university. During my time at UW - Parkside, I've published two scientific papers, represented my college at events and presented at international physics conferences, all because I chose this school. Parkside = Student Success 
-Siva Shankar

All I have to say about my experience in the physics program at UW-Parkside is that it is great. The faculty does its job extremely well, and the material is presented in a way which is both efficient and engaging at the same time. It is all you would expect from a great program and more. -Joel Ambriz

“As a college junior at UW-Parkside, I continue to be impressed with the physics and math department faculty. Their steadfast dedication to the development of their students is second to none. The faculty members are personable and are always willing to help a student in need. With anything from homework to research, they always make themselves available. There are many opportunities to work with a professor in a field of research that interests you. The curriculum and class schedules facilitate a well-rounded education with a good balance between classroom lectures and hands-on labs and research. I give the UW-Parkside Math and Physics Department my highest recommendation.”
-Chloe Calderon


Paul (Pirooz) Mohazzabi
Greenquist 341
(262) 595-2529

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