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Environmental Science

Environmental Studies Major

Students seeking a major in environmental studies are conscious of the impact of the environment on human life and survival. As an interdisciplinary field of study, environmentalists face a variety of challenges locally and globally in a number of different career paths. They are committed to understanding the ever-changing and adapting environment in order to evaluate and promote sustainability for current and future generations dependent on healthy ecosystems.

The Environmental Studies Program provides learning conditions that prepare students to understand and respond to local, regional, and global environmental challenges. The rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum fosters an understanding of the complexity of the human-nature relationship and an appreciation of humankind's dependency on functioning ecosystems for survival. 

In addition, research and community engagement creates a setting for students to cultivate independent thinking, creative problem solving, and effective communication skills.

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Real Opportunities
Environmental studies graduates are well prepared for a diversity of careers or graduate studies in environmental sciences, management, or advocacy through a unique combination of course work and practical experience. A core curriculum covering natural and social sciences, statistics, and environmental chemistry gives students core competencies in key areas demanded by all employers and professional programs.
Amazing Results
Graduates with a major in environmental studies can find themselves in careers such as environmental consulting, ecology, environmental law and law enforcement, environmental restoration, forestry, journalism, natural resource management, teaching, sustainable management, wetlands management, and wildlife conservation.
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