French Minor

Pairing a French minor with any Parkside major creates endless opportunities. Mastering requisite linguistic skills to read, discuss, and write intelligibly in French will open doors to rewarding careers in business, international relations, education, and the arts. You'll also find that the cultural and literary richness of the French speaking world broadens your horizons and makes you a more informed global citizen.

Learning a foreign language entails being able to understand others, being understood by others, as well as discovering the culture of native speakers. When learning French, you discover French culture (customs & traditions, food & wine, fashion & movies, art & castles...), as well as a multitude of other Francophone cultures. Combined linguistic and cultural knowledge opens lines of communication with millions of people for whom French is their foremost means of communication.

Bilingual proficiency propels your career in education, translating and interpreting, business, health professions, and beyond. Sharpen your linguistic proficiency and gain a better understanding of the cultures of Francophone cultures as well as the contributions made by French-language philosophers, artists, and writers.

Learn more about the French program at Parkside.

You have the opportunity to apply what you've learned in your language courses, as well as courses about Francophone culture, by engaging in hands-on experiences such as traveling abroad. 

The Literatures and Languages Department also offers internships in collaboration with area businesses, governmental agencies, and nonprofit agencies.

You can pursue careers in fields such as teaching, translation, foreign or diplomatic service, editing and publishing, media, banking, business, and travel services. Recent Parkside graduates who studied a foreign language hold careers in: 

  • Teaching at public and charter schools
  • Medical translation at a major regional hospital
  • Coordinator of language programs at an urban technical college
  • Marketing professional at an international clothing company

The minor in French consists of a minimum of 18 credits beyond the first year introductory courses (FREN 103-104). Fifteen of these credits MUST be courses taught in French.

  1. Required Intermediate Courses (6 credits)
    FREN 203    Intermediate French I          3 cr
    FREN 204    Intermediate French II          3 cr
  2. Required Advanced Courses (9 credits)
    FREN 301    French Conversation & Composition         3 cr
    FREN 318    French Civilization and Culture          3 cr
    FREN 350    French Phonetics          3 cr
  3. Elective Course (3 credits)
    Choose one course:  
    MODL 319    Paris: The City and the People          3 cr
    MODL 490

       Special Topics in Modern Language 
       (Topic French Studies in English)

             3 cr


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