History Minor

Master a rich body of historical knowledge, study history, and gain an understanding of the complex world in which we live.

A history minor gives you a basic appreciation of the intellectual discipline of history. An important goal of our undergraduate program in history is to introduce you to the drama of the past. Become equipped to perform in a wide variety of professional occupations as knowledgeable global citizens, critical thinkers, and skilled writers and researchers.

  • Master a rich body of historical knowledge. You will learn to recognize, understand, discuss, and debate key historical events, issues, and ideas.
  • Become skilled researchers. You will learn to locate and work with a wide variety of historical sources and source-formats, including online resource databases and digital media, and to analyze them in support of their own claims about the past.
  • Become critical, analytical readers. You will learn to read historical sources and digest their meanings, themes, arguments, and conclusions, and to recognize subjective challenges present in those sources, such as bias and ambiguity.
  • Become skilled writers and communicators. You will learn to write about and discuss their findings and claims clearly, concisely, and effectively, and to document their claims and sources accurately with correct scholarly apparatus.
  • Become critical, global thinkers. You will learn to understand and to articulate the value of ethnic and cultural diversity to the study of history and the important perspectives that they provide.

The study of history prepares you for careers in teaching, research, archival work, corporate communications, public service,  administration,  law,  journalism,  marketing,  editing and publishing, and any other field where the ability to read, write, think, analyze, synthesize, and interpret information is a prerequisite.


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