Legal Studies Minor

The political science program provides many educational opportunities for you including a unique internship program feature. This permits you to earn academic credit while directly experiencing government, politics, public administration, and law.

A legal studies minor is valuable if you want to combine a basic knowledge of law and political science with almost any field of study. In today's world, it is difficult to think of an aspect of your personal or professional life that is not touched by the legal or political system.

As a Legal studies minor you will be introduced to the structure of government as well as the research and writing aspect.

Some of the program course highlights are listed below.

Diversity Law: African Americans  |  POLS 316  |  3 credits
Analyzes the relationship of African Americans to the United States Constitution, and includes such topics as -slavery, the Fugitive Slave Acts, the Civil War Amendments, segregation, the civil rights movement, voting rights, affirmative action, and housing laws

International Law  |  POLS 415  |  3 credits
Survey course in the international legal relationships among actors in world politics. Although much of the course is an overview of the legal framework of public international law, various case studies are investigated.

Restorative Justice  |  CRMJ 325  |  3 credits
This course examines the basic principles of restorative justice and its variants, such as transformative justice, peacemaking criminology, and community justice systems. Restorative justice is contrasted with the dominant retributive/punitive model of justice. The position of the victim, offender, and the community within the context of restorative justice is also explored and examined.


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