LIBERAL STUDIES and Leadership Associate's degree

Are you looking for flexibility and innovation within your degree program? And are you ready to help shape a community of connection, inclusion, and engagement? If so, a liberal studies and leadership associate degree may fit right in with your academic and personal needs.

Designed with your future in mind, the Liberal Studies and Leadership program also includes the option to continue onto earning your Bachelor's degree if that's a goal for you. 

The Associate of Arts in Liberal Studies and Leadership degree prepares students for careers, citizenship, and possibly further education. As a student of the liberal studies program, you will develop a wide range of skills that can be adapted to your particular career goals and areas of interest.

Your degree prepares you to… 

  • Communicate effectively 
  • Think critically and creatively 
  • Make connections across disciplines 
  • Become knowledgeable, engaged citizens of our local and global communities 
  • Assume leadership roles  
  • Apply your knowledge in all areas of your professional and personal lives 

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Josh Hall, MA  |

University of Wisconsin System Member
The Higher Learning Commission
Carnegie Foundation, Elective Community Engagement Classification
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