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Medicine (M.D. and D.O.)

Medicine (M.D. and D.O.)

The Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathic Medicine program at Parkside is designed to help students gain the necessary academic and professional requirements that will help them be competitive candidates for professional Medical/Osteopathic Medical Schools.

Popular Majors

The most common majors that students choose to complete their pre-medicine/pre-osteopathic medicine education are:

We are here to help you!

When you pursue the Pre-Medicine/Pre-Osteopathic Medicine program you receive:

  • Assistance obtaining shadowing/internship experiences with local physicians and healthcare providers
  • Help choosing the correct career pathway 
  • Experience to gain acceptance into Medical School
  • Guidance in preparing for the MCAT – Medical College Placement Test that is required to gain admissions into any Medical School in the US.  You will not be charged any money to receive this preparation, but it will cost you time and effort!
Beyond the Classroom
RUSCH program with UW-Madison

Students within the Pre-Medical program at Parkside have the opportunity to apply for the RUSCH program in collaboration with the UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health.

This competitive application based two year program provides selected students with the opportunity to:

  1. Conduct research with clinical faculty at the Medical School at UW-Madison
  2. Gain community-based health-related experiences
  3. Have access and mentoring from both the Admissions staff at the Medical School at UW-Madison and specialized programming and mentoring at Parkside.
Please contact the Center for Health Sciences for more information about this program.


Pre-med students committed to practicing in under-served rural and urban areas of Wisconsin.


Accredited Medical/Osteopathic Medical School programs can be found at the National Medical/Osteopathic Medical Schools Association website.

Savings start here!
Savings at UW-Parkside pre med begins at $6000 when comparing to other UW schools.  Costs can be up to $90,000 over Parksides four year pre-med program


Contact Information
Contact Info

Bryan Lewis, Ph.D, Director
Phone: (262) 595-2327

900 Wood Road · P.O. Box 2000 · Kenosha, WI 53141-2000 P 262-595-2345

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