Mental Health Skills Certificate

The mental health skills certificate program at Parkside is an innovative program designed to provide students with the applied skills necessary for successful entry-level employment in clinical settings, including assessment and diagnosis, interviewing, counseling, and behavior change.

case manager, probation/parole officer, rehabilitation specialist, social service specialist, medical and healthcare manager, patient care assistant

Below are a few courses you may take.

Interviewing  |  PSYC 330  |  3 cr
Uses and forms of interviewing; problems of interview communication, reliability, and validity; interview strategies, techniques, and tactics; and behavioral processes and research on interviewing.

Abnormal Psychology  |  PSYC 360  |  3 cr
Examines mental and behavioral disorders including theoretical models, diagnosis and classification, research findings, and treatment approaches.

Theories of Psychotherapy  |  PSYC 362  |  3 cr
Compares the major, systematic approaches to psychotherapy. Integrates case study analyses with theory. Includes research findings on the process and outcome of psychotherapy.

Health Psychology  |  PSYC 363  |  3 cr
An introduction to the major theoretical approaches, research findings, and principles of health psychology. Topics include stress and coping; and the role of lifestyle, personality, and social support in health and illness. Links between psychology and specific diseases will be considered.

To learn more about the program, required courses, elective courses, and portfolio click to program overview tab above. You may also contact one of the advisors for the mental health skills certificate if you have questions: Dr. Carlstrom ( and Dr. Snyder (


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