The psychology major provides a broadly based education in the content, methods, principles, and theories of the science of psychology. The required courses in the major expose students to the traditional important subject areas of psychology; the elective courses in the major allow students to pursue their own interests and goals. 

Typical bachelor's level careers in mental health settings include hospitals, halfway houses/group homes, community agencies, and hospice programs. Some public sector and business-related careers are personnel testing, advertising, and human resources. For those who obtain a master's or Ph.D. degree, career opportunities and pay expand significantly; jobs are available in mental health, research, teaching, and business. Some of the mental health careers for individuals with graduate degrees are clinical psychologist, social worker, professional counselor, marriage and family counselor, and school psychologist.

Students who intend to pursue graduate study in psychology or a related field should discuss this with their advisers as early as possible to develop a plan of study that will prepare them for graduate school. These students should plan to take more than the minimum 39 credits for the major and should complete an Independent Study Research Project (PSYC 499) or Externship (PSYC 410) under the guidance of a faculty member. They should also consider completing one or both of our certificate programs.

Students majoring in psychology may be eligible for membership in Psi Chi, the national honor society in psychology. This organization, which is affiliated with the Psychology Club, co-sponsors activities that are of broad interest to psychology students (e.g., workshops on graduate school, and discussions of employment opportunities). Consult the department for information about how to join Psi Chi and/or the Psychology Club, as well as for a schedule of events.

One of the most unique aspects of the psychology, professional counseling, and neuroscience department is the opportunity to conduct research at the undergraduate level. Our talented faculty supervise student researchers in several different labs on campus.

  • Perception, Cognition, and Neuroscience Lab
  • Social Psychology Lab
  • Adolescent Socioemotional Development Lab
  • Moral, Emotional, and Social Development Lab
  • Neuroscience of Motivated Behaviors Lab


The department is quite multi-faceted, offering traditional courses in Psychology, but also Neuroscience courses, a Neuroscience Concentration, a Neuroscience Certificate, a Mental Health Skills Certificate, a Certificate in Psychological Research, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.


Our faculty are outstanding researchers and dedicated teachers. Many of our faculty have received teaching awards, external funding to conduct their research, and several are actively engaged in interdisciplinary collaboration with other departments.


Joy Lee
Administrative Assistant 
GRNQ 346 & TLNT 180
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Sylvia Beyer
MOLN 266

Robtrice Brawner
TLNT 244  

Aaron Carlstrom            
MOLN 282

Sharazazi Dyson
TLNT 263

Ann Friesema
TLNT 265

Michele Gloede
MOLN 263

Erin Graham-Murray
MOLN 271

Melissa Gregg
MOLN 270

Erin Hillard
MOLN 264

Meredith McGinley
MOLN 262

Ignacio Rivero-Covelo 
MOLN 268

Jordan Snyder
MOLN 372


Students successfully communicate psychology related material.

Students apply critical thinking skills to reading scholarly material and writing a scholarly paper.

Students apply psychological principles.

Students can explain the major theories and research findings in cognitive, developmental, social, and personality psychology.


The Psychology Department is committed to: promoting knowledge, understanding, and appropriate application of the scientific approach to Psychology among UW-Parkside students and in the communities we serve; involving students and faculty in collaborative research and scholarship which in part addresses community needs; and providing service appropriate to our training and perspective at campus, local, national, and global levels.


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