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The Pre Occupational Therapy program at Parkside is designed to help you gain the necessary academic and professional requirements that will help you to be a competitive candidate for professional occupational therapy schools.


Parkside's Pre Occupational Therapy program give you the strong educational base you need to pursue a demanding career as an occupational therapist. As an occupational therapist, you would teach everyday activities to treat injured, ill or disabled patients. You would work with a diverse group of patients with various illnesses and disabilities such as autism spectrum disorder, Alzheimer's disease, and cerebral palsy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for occupational therapist is expected to increase as the baby boomers continue to remain active and independent. The projected growth from 2016-26 is 24%. 

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Medical Schools Parkside Students Attended

Masters in Occupational Therapy
Midwestern UW-Milwaukee
Mount Mary  

Source: Dr. Bryan Lewis, Associate Dean, College of Natural and Health Sciences; Director, Center for Health Sciences and Pre-Health Programs 2001-2023 acceptance rates information, University of Wisconsin-Parkside.


Common majors that students choose to complete their pre-occupational therapy education

As a student in the pre-occupational therapy program you will receive

  • Assistance in obtaining shadowing/internship experiences with local occupational therapists
  • Help to ensure that you are choosing the correct career pathway 
  • Experience required to gain acceptance into occupational therapy school* 

Most OT programs require a minimum of 40 – 80 hours of occupational therapy experience. 

Common science and math pre-requisite classes that are required by most occupational therapy school programs 

Anatomy and Physiology  |  BIOS 105 and 106  |  10  credits  | 1 year
Anatomy and Physiology  |  BIOS 300 and BIOS 341  |  7 credits  | 1 year

Psychology  | 3 semesters

Introduction to Psychological Sciences  |  PSYC 101 | 3 credits

Developmental Psychology  |  PSYC 210   |   3 credits

Abnormal Psychology  |  PSYC 360  |  3 credits

Other classes students may want to consider taking as electives to help them prepare for occupational therapy school include:

  • Advanced level Biological Sciences courses
  • Advanced level Psychology courses  

Accredited occupational therapy school programs can be found at the National Occupational Therapy Association website. 


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